Outwardly Out

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Outwardly Out

Outwardly out
But inside
Grey semi solid sloshing jelly
Test match special
How can you not smile
And jig your feet?

I stand inside
In the kitchen inside
In the middle
Of the kitchen
Just stand and not think
Unable to move
Or to think

Don’t want

It’s exhausting




I could go to church
But can’t face the people
To put on a face
To be normal or nice
Or try to explain
What’s wrong
When it’s me

When it’s me
And a scream
And a claw
And nails dug in
To scream to a stop
To say stop
Just everything stop

I will be this selfish
Just leave me alone
I don’t care what you’re doing
Or how much
Just leave me alone…
Let me…
Leave me alone

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2 thoughts on “Outwardly Out

  1. Stunned. That was really lovely, tragically – magically.

  2. Thank you. I thought long and hard about putting that one out, but it is part of my life and others. I am glad I can use the bad periods for creation as well as the good.

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