Holiday 2


We had lovely weather,


perfect for walking,
not too hot,
showers which we seemed to miss,
and – some how or other
brilliant sunshine
at the right time
for photo opportunities,
on a rather old phone
– according to son.

The water quiet green, algae grows.


I thought that at first it was raining,
but the dimpled surface
was hot spring bubbling
with a slight mist,
with my limited means.

I know the Roman soldier was a man dressed up,
but standing there,


on his own,

history stretched out

forwards and back

and forwards and back

in front of me.

was colliding with me

and holidays
and fiction and imagination
the past and the future,
the Romans
and Bath’s.


There were memories
of slipper baths
Dr Who, the lone soldier
guarding his love;
men thousands of miles from their homes;
those not, but who toiled to build,
slave or free;
those who re-used,
filled in
and dug out.

The sky cleared
ancient blue, ancient water.
The Roman appeared

and stood

A lull in proceedings,
quiet and calm,
at that very spot,
and summed up.



and the kaleidoscope turns,
and the commentary starts
and the clouds tumble down.

And we move to the next..


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