And when it’s gone

And When It’s Gone


And when it’s gone
It’s gone.

Peace and quiet descend.

It’s gone.


And blown away.

No longer there.


I almost hold my breath
I gently touch the place.


No pain
No scab
No scar.


I can relax…
I can look…
I can let go gently
And feel
Feel for the first time
Look for the first time
And breathe again
And look again
And it doesn’t hurt
And it happened
And it’s gone.


Praise God.

Sometimes the journey is episodic and when I had been able to deal with a particularly knotty issue I would find that it really had gone. If it wasn’t gone, as stated in the poem, then it wasn’t actually dealt with completely. But if it had been, then it no longer had any power over me or fear for me; it meant nothing any more. It was irrelevant and I usually forgot it completely even when trying to recall, unless to help someone in a similar situation. I also learnt not to relate my story when the other person really does not need to know, or want to know, at that time of their own crisis. I have to keep remembering that!  So this weekend has been productive in my decision to move on after all.

See Suddenly (with  a warning about one word of heartfelt anger and dismissal)

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