…and Bombshells – Clarity Day Three

…and Bombshells

My client group was taken away and spread throughout the teams, as was theirs.

I suddenly had to learn at least three different benefit systems, with innumerable adaptations and possibilities…as there are people, so there are differences…

I had to apply for the substantive role.

There were times when I looked at what was being presented to me and had absolutely no idea what I was supposed to do.
I have to fill in trackers, agendas, calendars, diaries (several different ones), book appointments,, follow up, block out time in advance, get new mental health provision up and running, speak, participate in groups….

Give me back the days of no responsibility please!!

No don’t I’ll be put on admin which I hate.
I love being able to do more with each customer but it is a bit scary that I am in charge and I can discuss and take ownership of what we decide together – solution focused like – note to self must book out time to go on that course –
Pushing the right buttons, unknown unknowns, never a truer word spoken.
My sister said to me when I was wondering about applying for the substantive position, what makes you feel alive?
This does!
I’m scared, I have limited knowledge, I am booking training as fast as I can, I am learning how to book out flexi and annual leave to ensure I get rest…I am excited.

I didn’t  get through the Sift for the substantive job – interesting – I wonder what next still small voice?

collection one 007

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