Hum Drum Duty of Care – Sometimes – not original, just reminding myself..

canstock1164982I have to write, I mean I actually need the process of putting pen to paper and writing, it is calming and creative, whether I write any thing that is helpful, useful, funny, thoughtful, provoking is neither here nor there, I just have to write.

Sometimes I start and prose happens, which then I go back and sort it into reflections, scribbles, hum drummings or even, dare I say it, poetry.

Sometimes it stays as prose and is perhaps better not shared as I don’t seem to have the same effect. perhaps my scribbles are more effective because I  have to sort out key words, avoid obvious rhyme, let my sub conscious take over and produce stream of conscious reflections, lateral thoughts that provide new ideas, odd juxtapositions. I love Donne and Dylan Thomas and Hopkins.

Very often I write two or three poems at once. I don’t blog them straight away, I come back to them and look again, find a photo or take one, then do a draft and come a week day put one out at a time.

Sometimes I am very fed up – sometimes actively so.

The two hum drums tomorrow were sorting out and mulling over what it meant to care in the government services. Sometimes the person is lost. So often the person is lost. Yet the people on the front line are there helping all the time, what ever is thrown at them. Undercover Boss was shown on television. A few more should do that. I know we must see the big picture too, but don’t forget we are dealing with real people and their lives. Not original, just reminding myself.

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