People Perplex

People Perplex


Too many connections
And stairs
Too many switches

Cul de sacs
Privet hedges prissy
Hard core drives
Seemingly straight streets
With invisible twists
Clueless points

Lost meaning words
In fogs
Of pointed fingers
Sharp showered
Anger exploded
Against self
And the other.
But the other
It only them.
Emotions wrung
And wrought
and stretched
And taught,
Tautly taught
Fences made
Calm sophistry


(January 5th 2015)

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4 thoughts on “People Perplex

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  2. Fantastic work! Would you consider submitting to our inaugural anthology, “Love’s Cold Breeze”? You’d retain ALL rights to your work, of course, and there will be sales-based royalty potential for all participating authors.

    • Tell me a little more about yourself, or send a link, I couldn’t get further than your gravatar that wanted me to log in sorry!

      • 11restlessminutes on said:

        sorry this took so long!

        The title of the anthology is “Love’s Cold Breeze”. For this first book, we really are looking more for writing that evokes emotion. We want this first book to be as emotionally arresting as possible. Rights to all work will ALWAYS remain with the authors of the work – we are not looking to steal or scam – we created the company with the idea that ALL great work deserves to be published! Our model is built around creating books, making our costs back, then distributing all additional profits to the contributing authors.

        Let me know if you have any other questions!

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