What’s in a Name




I like my name
Chosen in and by
Loved one
Even backwards
Seems lyrical

When I was growing up
I wanted to be called
Doctor Who’s granddaughter


But I didn’t need a tardis
With trees to climb
Rocks to conquer
Log bridges to cross
New schools to live
Education to take on
Experiments of life

When I was grown up
Being about thirty
I was pleased
The students thought
My name was Claire

Light and clear
And elegant

When I wasn’t grown up
Being about fifty
And given up
I took a quiz on Face Book


Apparently –
Because I like
Classical music
Jam with seeds
Walks, like vivid colours and
Want to visit Russia –
Apparently –
My name should be


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3 thoughts on “What’s in a Name

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  2. Never liked my name, old fashioned, Martha Stewart, Martha Washington…sounds like a cranky old lady…

  3. I couldn’t possibly comment…!

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