Stuff Happens

Apologies to all who prefer crafted writing, this isn’t.

Since Christmas things have been difficult.
Work is very stressful, most on my Band have taken voluntary exit with the appropriate pay off. I was temporarily made up a grade and missed the VEX. (!) The work was so stressful, or more truthfully the admin, we could be disciplined for not filling in the spreadsheets everyday. My hours soared and I was exhausted. A family disagreement at Christmas was particularly hurtful. Family friends split up, it affected me so badly.  Incidents at work also had the effect of reducing me to floods of helpless tears.  Then we had that phone call from America saying we ought to book flights before our loved mother, grandmother and mother in law died. Getting back home we had been broken into.

It is Palm Sunday tomorrow.  I don’t want to go.  I haven’t booked time with my counsellor, may be later, but don’t need it at the moment which is a positive I think as some strength seems to have returned.

I know others are going through worse, but I am glad that God is there with it all and knows exactly what I and others are going through.  Bless you all this Easter.

Daffodils on a window

Christ is risen.

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