I Lay It All to you

I lay it all to you

DSCF0502 My Brain

I lay it all to you

Like fish on a table

Or the slugs and the worms

I can’t get around them
Too much to behold
Too much for one brain
One mind and one heart
So let it all go
To the child from the stable
Gently reminding
It isn’t a story
Let go and let God
Is the mantra
I need
Oh God but it hurts
Hands gently taken
Hair cleared
From the eyes
Cardy done prop’ly
Buttons in line
Socks settled nicely
Heel in its place
Shoes on left left
And right right
With laces tied neatly
Dust down the trousers
No harm has been done
A stumble and fall
Is a pick up…

And go on

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