Botheration Shopping

Botheration Shopping


So I dropped the batteries
into recycling
I scoured the charity shops
for summer cropped pants
and tough love sandals
for stony dusty paths
I read the bumf
and made my choices
for heel cream
and toenail care
and such delights
for over fifties.
I compared,
prices and deals,
holiday prescriptions.
I looked in every shop

I could have been free…
nothing caught my eye
nothing contented me.

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3 thoughts on “Botheration Shopping

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  2. Sometimes I find myself standing in the middle of a department store realizing I’m completely bored out of my mind and why the heck am I here? This doesn’t happen often enough, mind you, but I am working on shopping less and “being” more. Shopping “being” not so much that and more distraction from the stillness within.

  3. it is wearisome – outside is so much better where you can breathe! There is so much rubbish trying to be sold! I feel a blog coming on!

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