Home is Where?

Home is Where?


Home is where
Your heart is?
Where is my heart?
At sixes and sevens
Washing hands from one
But unable
So to do
Keep drying off
And helping
Hindering again

One let go
And happy
Not bothered
What one does
Danger of assuming
Will do just for me
Sneaky feeling have
Let one down
But loves me
All the same

One loved
And complicated
Loved with all my heart
Ignoring and frustrating
Parent child and adult
A two way complicated thing

So then
Where then is the heart?
Window shopping
No such thing
As certain
Weddings, births and
Chickens or the eggs?

So journey back
And home is where?
But when else
Will children see
The home is
Where the
Heart is?

And still for some
It isn’t
The mixture
Doesn’t blend
Nor acceptance
Nor the peacefulness
But family history
Blended in it all
And perhaps
Some understanding
Of home
And where
The heart is.

Perhaps you only recognise home when you have left, done a few things and look back. Home can therefore be a variety of places, times and people – not necessarily one fixed location.

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