Felt Suggestions


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The first time I tried this it was a bit of a disaster.
The colours were horrid.
I got holes in it.
It wasn’t thick enough.
And when it was cold water shocked it was ..well I didn’t like it.
It looked army camouflage, not good autumnal colours.
I tried to make a felt bead, but it looked more like a squashed duck.
I put a safety pin in the back and wore it as abstract art
…or road kill according to my son.

The second time went much better.
I think I understood the basics principles better and it all made much more sense as to why I was doing what.


Computers are the same.
Until a process makes sense and I can see the reason for it, all I am trying to do is replicate what I have been told with no understanding as to why.

I had a break through moment with Maths when I was 36.
Suddenly what I had been taught and was just a foreign language with no code breaker, became plain. Decimals, fractions, ratios and percentages were all related, just different ways of doing the same thing. Suddenly finding 1% 10% 25% etc enabled me to find any old %. Times Tables could equally be called Division Tables. If subtraction was a problem turn it round to addition. A rough guestimate as to what was a reasonable answer gave you a guide to check if you may be in the right area.
I suddenly became very good at teaching bottom set Maths.

It isn’t until you can’t do something that it makes you appreciate how unhelpful it is to say to someone, well what don’t you understand? Why can’t you do it?

The old joke, which I came to by myself and then discovered it was ancient, or at least as old as Freud, how many psychotherapists does it take to change a light bulb? Any number or none. Unless the light bulb wants to change….

Church, work, gun laws, ecology, Syria…

I am very proud of my second attempt at felting.
I will keep it this time.

Even though I don’t know quite what to do with it at the moment…I am open to helpful suggestions…

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