Too Many Ties and Strings

Too many Ties and Strings

DSCF0502  IMG_0157

Trying to understand
Trying to change
Trying to learn
Difficult lessons
Acceptance is all
Letting go of heavy lumps
Of gross neglect
Neglecting shoulders
Heart and gut and heavy lumps
Undoing chain and manacle
Would seem to be relief
But problem solid sphere
Unmoveable damp clay
-why don’t leave it
can’t even throw it
on the potter’s wheel
-so its heaviness
not mine
accept it
let it remain
and walk away
can you stop the wind?
Can you fly?
Can you…
Heart wrenched
Face stretched
Throat strained
Silent scream
For God’s sake
Take my brain away
Scratch out my eyes
My ears
My lips
Smash and annihilate
Grind down the smithereens
Grind them with a heel
Blow hurricanoes blow


So sit in a chair                                                                                                                    Or round a table
And discuss
How you feel
And what you want
To deal with issues
For life to move on.

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