Happy New Year – dysfunctionally or otherwise

Last year Martha, Therapeutic Misadventures, wrote about putting the fun into dysfunctional. I think I replied that I felt my family had done more to diss each other that year.
A good friend had a totally unexpected marriage end – devastated us all.
But then I thought about other things.

My mother in law died. It was an experience I’ll never forget and was holy.
Friends and neighbours showed love above and beyond including getting my daughter to the airport and dealing with a break in and the police at the same time. It was holy.

My daughter graduated – rainy Bangor turned to sunshine and poetry and jazz. Another holy experience.

Two weddings and a 30th Anniversary- love and holiness.

Returning to Guyana and again experiencing holiness and healing.

Work, hard and demanding at a job centre, but a ministry for wholeness and healing.
It has not been an easy year. I have needed and been given help and support. I have been able to support and love.

There are strands that still need sorting…

– including my daughter’s loathing of a new hoover which she has just said sucks!!! – I did not refrain from a comment and was roundly told what she thought of me…


So with all power and imagination to you and your blogs, Happy New Year! Whilst I send my beloved to sort out the hoover and I go and get ice cream for a party which I thought was tomorrow having got my dates mixed up!!

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3 thoughts on “Happy New Year – dysfunctionally or otherwise

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  2. Wishing you peace and happiness in the New Year, Cheryl!

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