A Job and a Half

IMG_2282A Job and a Half

(Someone asked me what I did for a living.)

I am customer facing
I am to provide a “once and done” service
I am to reduce footfall
I am to sign post providers

I am to tell people go away
Use your phone or computer
Whether you have one or not
Can use one or not
Have credit or not

I am to keep order and calm
To get rid
To judge
in ten seconds
how to deal
With a human
in a variety
Of often
Horrendously complex situations
To get rid
in one minute

People need people
So far I have yet to see
A computer
That remembers to buy tissues
For each new day.

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5 thoughts on “A Job and a Half

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  2. The middle, “I am to keep… …in one minute,” describes the typical phone voice menu. (My patience is gone before the first minute, never mind the other five minutes wading through the voice menu.)

  3. Needless to say I do not stick to those targets!!!

  4. And finally one of the pictures actually posted.

  5. I’ve had jobs like that. Frustrating when the rule of management mean you can’t really help people.

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