In Memoriam

In Memoriam

When taking this picture on my way to work I didn’t think about the tree behind me.


It was a small Rowan, or Mountain Ash.  It used to have bright red berries every late summer, early autumn and very often, owing to our rather warmer weather at the moment, it kept them during the alleged winter months.

Last year it was brutally attacked.

Someone had decided to use a knife and strip one side of the trunk down to its white central wood.

It leaned over 45 degrees and looked very poorly.

A young family living nearby were so incensed that the children drew a poster with words along the lines of, “Dear Person who damaged me so badly, please use these wildflower seeds and plant them wherever you want to say you are sorry and that you won’t do it again.”  They placed the notice and the seeds in a plastic bag and carefully tied it above the worst damage with yellow ribbon.

The tree recovered, sort of.  It still leaned over, but the trunk healed, although badly scarred.

Then one morning this week I came by and did a double take.


I just wanted the memory of a beautiful tree to be noted.

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4 thoughts on “In Memoriam

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  2. So sad that people feel they have to damage things.

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