Poxy Brother of the Mide

On being the Poxy Brother of the Mide

Ice Cubes and Cucumbers –
One of them is better than the other in water
My family now know
Which one I mean
For a salad

That plant
Nervous break down in a pot
Forgetting – amnesia –

Knowing her so well
I chunter after her call
Of her saying
Don’t let me down
No fuddy duddy clothing
Lose weight
Fix your hair
And do your make up
High heels
Cake please…
and she wants me to be
Poxy Brother of the Mide

I’ll hit her with my
Page Wacket

Loving her so dearly…!

(ever since a child I have managed to blank words or end up with Spoonerisms.
Students always thought it was deliberate to get them to think like a thesaurus – a view from which I never dissuaded them.)

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