I Couldn’t Help Smiling

I Couldn’t Help Smiling


Topic:- How to help people with poor mental health back into work
I couldn’t help smiling
About methods to help
Those, they, them
With depression
And mental illnesses
Back into work
I could promise the earth
Or dissolve into tears
I knew exactly
The methods
To get back
Into work
To move out
And move on
I knew all the answers and strategems
And until the cloud lifted
“They!” could be talking Double dutch And asking me to translate Into Serbo-Croat
Whilst riding a bicycle And juggling Raw eggs With my eyes closed.


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3 thoughts on “I Couldn’t Help Smiling

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  2. You know this one got me Cheryl! A baby Alice! I know depression. It is a horrible monkey on your back until you can see your way through it. Nicely done.

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