And Night Comes Too Soon


And Night Comes Too Soon

The evening came and went
And bed too soon
For unrestful sleepish
Sheepish night
To start again tomorrow

Brain wood peckered
Tapped on full flow
Morning drags in
Up getting
And scratched
Tuned in by 11
Or occasionally late 3
Just a phase
Which is passing
Which happens
Smooths in
Learnt victim
Cries No!
I’m in charge
I decide
To accept
When I don’t.
I’m cross and I’m angry
Grouchy unpleasant if
Controlled or I’m not
So why the control?
Is it me or the work?
Working wrong questions
Accepting wrong answers                                                                                                                                       Then night comes too soon                                                                                                                     And plays the old game

Whilst I try to work out and break out and clear out my mind

For myself

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