Orderly -I’m not

Orderly – (prompted by a comment about my disordered reading of Harry Potter…;-)


I met a man
Or more precisely
A boy of 21
Who read the papers
Cut out the news
And kept it filed
For later use

His room was spick and span
Coverlet turned neatly down
Just so
And in a tin
A homemade cake
Proper coffee

All from Mutti

I watched in fascination
Unable to believe
Such tidiness
Of room and mind

He sent me
Yellow towels from Sweden
For my wedding gift
When I met another
Boy of 22
Who although could be
Neat and tidy
Filed news
And information
And used such facts
Randomly                                                                                                                                                          As unexpected darts

I make cakes
And place in tins
And bought Ikea
Orange towels for daughter
And, still drinking coffee,
Wonder if
(amongst my undergrowth
Of pipes and drills and screws
Of books and pens and cups)
If he still sits
If I still exist
In disordered messiness.


(There was always an amused twinkle in his eye about my harem scarem ways)

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3 thoughts on “Orderly -I’m not

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  2. “harem scarem” is evidence of a life lived.

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