Two New Lives

Thursday Photo Prompt – Look Out – #writephoto

(River of Life – glass fusion sculpture High Cross URC Camberley – written for my colleague waiting for her long awaited child.)

Two New Lives

Swimming in darkness
Comforted and wrapped in
Caressed and floating in
And warm
Supported and encouraged

“So big!!” vistas grow
River of rushing thoughts
Mind boggling, “Ohhhh!”
Where too big for
Mere words
Tears fall
And join water
Unable yet to express
But done there and noted
For heaven and all
And being part
As you are

IMG_20150815_182716 Seawall

(New day dawning)

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14 thoughts on “Two New Lives

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  2. I read this twice before I could step away to comment. So beautifully written, so much said…

    • Thank you. It was funny, the hardest part was the title, Two or To, I wanted both to be recognised – I know the reader will get it, but…! and at the end whether I should have the line There you are. I kept reading and reading, eventually crossed off the last line, and voila, it was there!

  3. That is really beautiful, Cheryl. Thank you.

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  6. This is really beautiful.

  7. Lovely post – you have a very beautiful intricate writing style. KL ❤

  8. Thank you – I’m so glad it struck a chord with you 🙂

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