Impact Reading – or – It started with a Bear

Impact reading – or – It started with a Bear and other by ways

After suggestion by

IMPACT ONE – Goldilocks and the Three Bears – as retold by Mum

Homemade flash cards from cereal boxes
Mummy, Daddy, Judy, Bear, Cheryl, a, and porridge are the ones I can picture, large red wax crayon letters on grey backgrounds.
Judy was the dog who chewed them up.
Bear was my stuffed toy – wood wool filling which gave him a distinct rich tea biscuit smell.  Oh and he wore a rather battered knitted – gone to felt – pink dress in those days.

I could “read” the story of Goldilocks and the three bears, even if it was reported back that I declaimed loudly from the bathroom in my best story teller voice, “and who is sitting in my porridge?”

IMPACT TWO – Little Women – Louisa M. Alcott

I know I know, but who wouldn’t be Jo and be a writer and climb trees and get into scrapes.
And because I was the child that I was, I read the back pages of the ancient Sunday School book prize (given to my Mum during  WWII ) and discovered there were more. Perhaps even more astonishingly they were found at the local library, including another series by Ms Alcott called The Eight Cousins. Anyone read them?

IMPACT THREE – The Travers Family Series – Phyllis Denton

That ordinary people were written about.    And it was involving and creative.                         A Lone Parent bringing up three children.
She worked as a piano teacher.
Her sister helped her out with food parcels when she could.
A parcel from abroad was delivered now and then to help the poor.
A developing country? C21st?
No – published 1951
Food and clothes aid from America to help the Brits!

IMPACT FOUR – The Magician’s Nephew – C.S.Lewis

download  (Image from Google)

That you can have back stories/prequals –and the quiet suspense, deathly hush of those pools into other worlds and thinking you have gained what you wanted… hmmm but does that mean The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe was the impact book?  Because yes I was hooked by the lone lamp post image perhaps even more than by the wardrobe, although it didn’t stop me checking every wardrobe – just in case.

IMPACT FIVE – To Kill A Mockingbird ( and the B+W film – nothing to do with Mr G. Peck)

Do you need a picture?!

Just look on your bookshelf/kindle!

If it’s not there go and buy it –

That teachers actually could choose good books to “do” in class, and that there might be something in this lit crit business and sometimes the “film of the book” was also up there with the book. And that there are different genres…and I knew what genre meant…(scary what O-Levels do to one) And I have read, re read, taught and re read this ever since.

IMPACT SIX – Villette – Charlotte Bronte

( Image from Google)

Now I really have to debate this, was Jane Eyre the impact book because it led on to Villette – or can I still say it is Villette? It completely bowled me over. Emotion vs Reason or a liveable compromise, with an ending that wasn’t.
(If we are talking my best books ever read – which we’re not – Villette and TKAMB tie)

IMPACT SEVEN– even more serious

Were Enid Blyton and Arthur Ransome the impact authors for all others?
Were they so pivotal in getting me to read voraciously anything and everything I could lay my hands on, that they have to come top of all impacts?
Has my world just imploded -or exploded –  with the realisation of that impact?

IMPACT EIGHT– Best Beloved Daughter


My daughter (used Bear for one of her GCSE Art submissions, capturing his character beautifully) keeps me on my toes looking out at more modern literature. Because I can’t just stay in my own little world – just as Goldilocks and the Three Bears couldn’t – if I want to understand, and make sense of, the impacts happening now.

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