Fridge Magnet Poetry and Tumble Dryers

– Well actually tumble dryer magnets


Done before Magnetic Saturday Poetic Competition – see

But I am past caring about how to follow links and ping backs when I am stressing about wedding hats and butter cream roses and almond paste that melted on the fruit cake so had to be taken off and looks like mashed banana and I’ll have to do it on the Friday instead of in advance and will the dratted chocolate orange cake – large bottom layer –  be too dry so I baked another one and now I have just realised that there will not be room in my friend’s fridge to save all the roses so I will have to do those on the Friday as well. At least I worked out what was wrong with the hat – I had it on back to front…

Oh hold on there – it is a wedding about two people committing themselves together -climb out of the tumble dryer, take a breathe and remember why I am going

IMG_2898 IMG_2901

(practise practise practise)

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3 thoughts on “Fridge Magnet Poetry and Tumble Dryers

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  2. Those roses look tasty. I think I’d eat more than I used 🙂

  3. Using unsalted butter to keep them as pale as possible I think they taste revolting! However younger members of various families disagree, so yes threats and smacked fingers have been doled out!

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