Hum Drumming – One more wedding




Just a quick explanation – suddenly, like Pooh, I have little hum drummings go through my head in “bear- of- little- brain” mode, so  to get rid I scribble them out –

Also – in case you didn’t know – 14th August or the second Saturday in August – is the most popular day to get married.  It’s true, the hairdresser said it was….

A gamble taken
Two people
Spaghetti junctions
against each other
Who knows the destination
Lake District
Or stuck in Brum.

(PS I have nothing against Birmingham!  Amazing place – love going there, but dread the idea of getting stuck on all those road ways and never being able to stop again.)

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3 thoughts on “Hum Drumming – One more wedding

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  2. Aug 14? I always thought it was sometime in June.

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