Nature’s Art Gallery – Cave Pictures


My response to  #writephoto Photo Prompt

Nature’s Art Gallery – Cave Pictures
(British Press Reviews On Cave Pictures)

The Times
Shadows sprayed
On solid rock
Hollowed out
And disappeared
In light or dark extremes of
Ephemeral eternity
With slow and sudden
Curator changes

The Sun
Shadow graffiti
In cool rock hollow
Drunk bare

The i
Shadow dance inside
Art work naturalistic of
Water hollowed sculpture

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10 thoughts on “Nature’s Art Gallery – Cave Pictures

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  2. Looks like you pinged back to your own site. I have seena few cave paintings… there is something incredibly moving about ancient art when you stand where the artist must have stood.

  3. Oops… ! But I agree about the cave art. Although here I was thinking more of the play of light which comes and goes so quickly and looks so beautiful and which so few see on an object that had taken a millennia or two to form. Both done by nature – hence the review style. Perhaps it doesn’t work 😉 But I enjoyed it!

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  5. Oh, I think it worked beautifully. I enjoyed how you broke the idea up into the effects of different ways that the cave is changed.

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  7. A Very creative turn on the photoprompt 🙂 beautifully done 🙂

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