If not me…then who?


Jazz and Jive at 55, if not now then when?
Again the clichés abound, but they do come from a grain of truth.

If not me… then who?

Actually I have, in the main, stopped saying that as I have come to realise there are others who can do – and should do.

I have other things that need to be done. Such as elderly parents who are frail; with dementia striking at one so providing the need for managing situations in thought provoking ways to manage an obstinate independent thinker, whilst seeing the searing pain on the face of the other, as his wife – my Mum, copes daily with a husband slowly slipping away.

Speaking to a parent, as if to a wayward child, with tact and firmness, but for whom, sadly, the processes needed to retain the necessary safety aspects of life are fast diminishing, is very strange.

Electricity, plugs and gadgets seem to hold a fascination and attract attention so that nothing works. Phone calls – if the phone still works – come at any time to ask for help to fix the particular item. Plugs and leads are hidden away as best we can so that they cannot be reached – but even the process of turning on the television is fraught with complications when it is known that programmes can be saved and returned to later – so why is it not doing it?

Lists and steps to take are no good because where did I start and where did I get too?

And yet independence is still craved, with retreat into his resting room with radio and music when he doesn’t want to know anymore.

We just let him go, giving hugs and assurances of love, and reminders of who we are.

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