Ancient and Modern – Eclecticism


Regeneration of Birmingham UK included building another library and  – at the very top restored from the 60’s and as a complete surprise tardis like – The Shakespeare Room.

The juxtaposition of old and new is something I like, even if Prince Charles calls them carbuncles.

We have a group on Facebook in Wellingborough – WN&T -that sometimes bemoans the fate of the old streets and cottages that were demolished to make room for an Arndale Shopping Centre. Yes the 70’s weren’t very sympathetic in their redesigning but judging from old postcards and photos no one would want to live in such cramped two up two down no bathroom narrow lanes these days.  And the old picture houses would not have been pulled down or reused if they had made money for their original purpose.

This picture is typical of Wellingborough.


c1500 college building connected with the 900AD church, then grammar school and finally mixture of private residences and church hall, in front of 1970’s Technical College – Tresham College – in process of being pulled down. With an additional modern glass extension on my best loved coffee shop in the world –  Bewiched



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