I don’t like Palm Sunday…

Knowing Good Friday comes I find it so difficult to celebrate, in a genuine way, the coming of Jesus to Jerusalem. Knowing that the huge celebration, the joy and triumph is for me like the roller coaster ride to deep depression and darkness that has to be gone through before I can come up to the level quietness of early Easter Sunday morning when Jesus says, “Mary” and she replies, “Raboni” is almost too much.

The music is off key, with a minor chord in it, this year hammering a nail into the cross, the sound echoing throughout our large egg shaped church was almost unbearable. I had to crunch up my tummy and ears every time in anticipation of the horror.

I laid mine down at its foot. And felt grim.

And then Easter Day!

Breakfast with friends. Daffodils in glorious splendour, fresh coffee and toast permeating the building, this year April Fools jokes bouncing around, laughter and glorious singing with an in tune stunning organ and the cross dressed to symbolise new life and peace.

Christ is Risen!

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