Eyesore Rushden Lakes -UK-

…and they were beautiful.

Driving east on the A45 in Northamptonshire UK the old gravel pits gave way to filthy water, desolation and dilapidation.  Nature was unable to soften the eyesore even with scrub.

Human intervention in a positive way has made a difference.  And although I’m not one for shopping so much, I do enjoy the coffees and the effort at eco-friendly development.

A nature reserve and boating lake, linking country walks with other areas, providing conservation learning and education next door to flagship department stores, restaurants, cafes and soon to be cinema.  A Roman dig has been given more prominence and 10 whole minutes were devoted to the scheme by the BBC for Countryfile!

An eyesore has provided employment, use for derelict land, education and proved wrong the belief  that not so many people would want to visit …never mind return.

In fact the problem now is that more bathroom facilities and another access road is required…



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